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Every user with access to the website of the Netherlands Institute of Art History (Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentation or RKD) who consults this site for any reason whatsoever, agrees to the following. The RKD reserves the right to deny a user access to its electronic services, or to withdraw them. The RKD takes the greatest possible care with the data and information presented in its website. Nevertheless, it is possible that both the RKD website and its allied sites contain errors of omission or commission.

The RKD accepts no responsibility for any damage sustained as a result of errors or omissions, nor for problems caused by the use or dissemination of this data and information. Nor does the RKD accept responsibility for loss suffered, lost profits, or compromised quality of life resulting from any technical shortcomings. The downloading of data and information is carried out entirely at the risk of the user.

References or hyperlinks to other websites have been incorporated only for the convenience of visitors to the RKD website. The RKD accepts no responsibility for injury resulting either directly or indirectly from the use of information on these sites in any manner whatsoever.

The RKD makes the greatest possible effort to respect copyright on texts, photographs, illustrations, maps, other graphic material, (trade)names, brands, logos and databanks. The RKD accepts no responsibility for damages arising as a consequence of illegal use of this material or copyright.

Pronouncements about works of art supplied by the RKD are the outcome of art-historical research carried out by the collaborator(s) concerned and should not be assumed to constitute a definitive determination.

With regard to the attribution of works of art, the RKD would like to state unequivocally that, in some cases, attributions cannot go further than reporting the results of research. For this reason, the user may under no circumstances regard the supplied information as an expertise provided by the RKD, from which rights may be derived.

The RKD at all times reserves the right to alter or supplement already existing information with new insights, which have come to the surface during recent research or otherwise, and cannot be held responsible for possible errors or inaccuracies, nor for any consequences incurred by any third party.

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